3 Days Bepic Experience (3 pills system)

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Lose weight naturally and effortlessly while you sleep. Sleep better at night. Energize your day. All in one dietary supplement pack from B-Epic.

Try the B-Epic 3-Day Epic Experience.


The B-Epic 3-Day Epic Experience comes with three days worth of three supplements.

ACCELER8 RESTORE has a gentle detoxing effect that naturally cleanses the body, so it is better empowered to restore itself to an optimal balance. It is also packed with beneficial bacteria to help replenish the gut microbiome, which is vital for overall health and strong digestive and immune systems.

ACCELER8 SLEEP has a natural soothing effect that helps the body fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and wake without grogginess. It contains natural substances that help lower cortisol and balance serotonin levels, which causes the body and mind to feel more relaxed and promotes improved sleep quality.

ELEV8 is a little green super pill scientifically designed to help you perform mentally and physically at a high level without the brain fog, moodiness, or other negative side effects from sugary, over-caffeinated energy drinks. Each capsule is packed with potent, pure herbal, mushroom, and whole-food extracts that are rich in bioavailable essential nutrients and powerful nootropic and adaptogenic properties


You'll need to cut the sealed pack with scissors to open the outer seal.

We sealed it up tight to maintain freshness and quality.

Be careful not to cut the contents inside. There are three packs of supplements inside the outer pack.


4  Once you have the outer seal opened, you will find three packs inside.

Cut each pack open. Be careful not to spill out the gel capsules.

Each gel capsule is color-coded to help you keep them in order.


5  ACCELER8 SLEEP is white.


ELEV8 is green.

NOTE: Do not take all three at one time.


6  In the morning, at least six hours before sleep, take 1 ELEV8 gel capsule.

Take with 8 ounces of fluid.

With our without food.

Store in a cool dry location.


7  30-60 minutes before sleep take 1 ACCELER8 RESTORE gel capsule and 1 ACCELER8 SLEEP gel capsule.

Take with 8 ounces of fluid.

With our without food.

Store in a cool dry location.


Instructions and product info can be found on the back of the B-Epic 3-Day Epic Experience packaging.



CAUTION: Consult your doctor before using this or any dietary supplement if you are pregnant or nursing, have or had a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, and/or are under the age of 18.

CAUTION: ACCELER8 SLEEP causes drowsiness or sleepiness; do not take when driving, operating machinery, or engaging in any activity that requires alertness.

DISCLAIMER: Statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary.