Weight loss Joy2befit Five Days sample pack

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In this starter kit you'll receive a 5 day supply of our energy pill, detox pill & sleep pill! You will also receive a five day supply of our d2s weight loss lemonade and our daily vitamins !


Weight loss lemonade 🍋


Product Details:


Lemonade Flavored, Natural Energy Supplement Drink

Two Mouth-Watering Flavors: Cucumber Lime & Strawberry Dragon Fruit

100% Sugar-Free and Only 25 Calories Per Serving

Loaded with superfood Chia Seeds, Vitamins, and Minerals

Benefits May Include:


Optimizes Body and Mind for Peak Performance

Increases Energy and Sustain Stamina for Hours

Enhances Focus, Mental Clarity, Memory, and Mood

Helps Curb Cravings and Aids in Healthy Weight Management



Epic Detox (purple pill 💊)


Product Details:


Naturally Cleanse and Detoxify the Body

Replenish Healthy Bacteria in Gut Microbiome

Promote Strong Digestive and Immune Systems

Support Healthy Weight Management

Benefits May Include:


Daily Microbiome Health Supplement

Advanced Digestive Balance Blend

High Quality, Naturally Stable Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Enzymes

Contains All-Natural Phyto-Nutrients and Organic Compounds with Gentle Detoxing Effect



Epic Sleep ( white pill 💊)


Product Details:


Naturally Promotes Mental and Physical Relaxation

Feel Calmer and More Relaxed

Aids in Falling Asleep Faster and Waking Without Grogginess

Improves Sleep Quality; Sleep Soundly All Night

Benefits May Include:


Daily Sleep Enhancement Supplement

Advanced, Natural Soothing Blend

Contains Potent Herbal Extracts and Other Natural Substances

Naturally Lowers Cortisol and Balances Serotonin